February 4, 2010

Pink Bull

Background: bought this kit from a Taiwanese friend. I followed his blog for a long time. Some days later, he established his eShop. And this kit is his first production.

This kit contains a resin molded body. This kit needs a donar kit from Tamiya's Toyota Supra (#24123) Body clean up mainly did around the bottom of the body. Just simply remove the excess resin parts. After thoroughly washed the body with soap water, I primed all the resin parts with Mr.Hobby's MrResin Primer Surfacer. (Don't know if there are difference from ordinary primer, but no harm to try...)
There are a set of resin wheels and tyres comes with this kit. However, i think they are too small for this Bull, so i decided to use this Aoshima 20"BBS Wheels (046418) and sprayed them a light layer of Tamiya's Enamel Titanium Gold (X-31)

Inside each BBS's, i put one Hobby Design PE brake set. Each PE brake set comes with a resin brake caliper, too.

After the primer dried, i applied the first coat of Pink from Mworks (MPS-6009). This Mworks paint is oil-based, it needs to thin with MrColor Thinner. After the base coat of Pink dried, i applied two wet coat of Mworks (MPS-6010) Pink Pearl.
Meanwhile the nail polish pink pearl drying, i finished the interior parts. Simply just applied black to the whole parts, and beige on the rear seats.
Finally a mock up look...really want to finish this before Chinese New Year, then i can clean up my work desk...but too much dinner and party to go, so it just kept in the case for a while.:)


  1. damn... that's very nice kit! and you did great job so far...
    can you write here the blog adress? thanks a lot

  2. Too lazy for the time being, didn't make any progress...but stay tune, i will resume to it soon (hope so)...