August 5, 2009

New Kit Arrived

Havn't make any car models for a while, too lazy.
I went to visit a hobby shop yesterday and found that they have this kit arrived. This shop order directly from Japan, so they usually have early arrivals and some rare kits. However, some of the model kits are a bit expensive than other hobby shops.
This one is made by Aoshima, it comes in two trims, the standard EVO X and the EVO X option.
The only difference are the wheel sets.

First of all, the box art already seen for a long time at some website, no big surprise.
Parts are well packed. The body is standard Aoshima style; ie, front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and the fron hood are in separate parts. This makes me assume Aoshima will make aftermarket parts trims, like HKS one. Interior parts are simply molded.

Besides the instruction, there are a piece of masking tamplate for the glass parts and a small sheet of decals for the license plate and Mitsubishi logos.
Head lights, rear light, muffler tips and side mirror are chrome plated.
Muffler is in matt chrome.
Clear parts include the big windshield and rear windows, head lights and rear lights, side markers and the fog lights.
Chassis is another standard Aoshima product, one big piece with a few small parts to complete the whole.

Another parts for the interior, Aoshima only offer the right hand steering console.
Aoshima also offer two bigger disc brakes for the front wheels.
Other body parts are molded in red.

Tires and poly caps. Wheels are not bad, but if I build this kit, i will use Aoshima 19" wheels instead.

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