April 22, 2009


Top Secret Fairlady Z
Actually it’s not a secret confidential issue; however, Top Secret Performance Engineering Service is a famous Japanese automobile modification company. This model kit is made by Aoshima, and it is the third Top Secret model they made (the first one is a R34 and the second one is a S15 Silvia). Aoshima usually produce kits with a big variety option parts. In this kit, you will find a nicely replicated Top Secret front and rear bumpers, side skirts and of course a big sheet of Top Secret decals.
Making this kit is so straight forward. There are two modifications that I made were the use of Crazy Modelers’ PE disc brake kit and a set of Aoshima 20” Leonhardiritt Bugel. The box art suggest a white body with white wheels; however, I like this Z in Sunset Orange. RICE BOX is the brand of the paint that I use. It comes in a set of two little bottles, a base coat of orange and a top coat of metallic orange.

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