January 17, 2009


Porsche Cayman S
I havn't bought Fujimi kits for a long time, since the quality of them do not satisfy me. However, this 1/24 Porsche Cayman S really impressed me. Although it is a curb-side plastic model, it does have plenty under chassis details. And this is the first time I apply Yellow. People said yellow has very weak coverage, that is it's so "transparent". Therefore, I apply a coat of Fluorescent Yellow (Mr. Color #172) after gray primer. I don't know if it is the correct way to deal with Yellow, but it works well here, right? The main modification was the wheels. I found a set of Aoshima Work Emotion CR Kai wheels, but they looked too small in the wheel archs. Therefore, I inserted them into a set of Pegasus 23" Aluminium Stepped Sleeves. Fortunately, no modification to the brake and axle setup was needed to adopt the bigger wheels. Besides, I used Navy Blue (Mr. Color #328) for the whole interior.

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