May 7, 2011

New work in progress

Finally got started...My new project is a Ferrari F2001. This is my first Formula 1 model. I will, at least, replace the blank white with the tobacco sponsor decals. Maybe some PE parts. Stay tuned for more.

February 13, 2011

Sunline Racing 370Z Fairlady

Finally got some time to work on this long project. This is based on a Tamiya 1:24 370Z Fairlady kit with Jetmodels' Sunline Racing upgrade parts. The base kit is straight forward or a Curbside kit that I really like to work on -- simple and easy to mod kit. I use Steel for the body colour, and applied Carbon Fibre decal (from KA Model) on the front hood, front bumper, side skirts and rear aprons. Wheels are changed to Aoshima's Gram Light R57GT 20". Besides, no other mods. Enjoy the pictures of this WIP. Thank you :)

December 28, 2010

New Team-Hobby Logo

Finally confirmed with my exclusive graphic designer, K. Yuen, for my new shop logo.
This new logo implied from the theme "Team", that is making model no longer a one-man hobby; Team-Hobby is all the way by your side, by suppling you all kinds of model detailing products. This new logo will laungh on 1 Jan, 2011, stay tuned for this :)

November 10, 2010

A visit to KA Models

Last week i went to Korea, for sight seeing and shopping. i spared one day to visit KA Models' workshop in Seoul. Lawrence, the owner, drove me from downtown area to his shop. It's about an hour drive, Thanks him so much. Arrived his underground workshop, there are about 6 people working there, two packaging, two CAD drawing and two fixing things. Lawrence then show me's not a big workshop, but a room for laser machines, a room for storage, and of course the boss's room. I bought a few PE and decals from him, and he gave me a few free gifts!!!Thank you Lawrence:)

October 4, 2010

Official dealer of JetModel in Hong Kong

Finally got a dealership from JetModel Taiwan in Hong Kong area. Jet Yang, owner of JetModel, is a model enthuasist of car models. He and a bunch of Taiwanese modelling fellows committed to create unique car modeling parts. So far they produced 4 sets of up grade parts for three different 1:24 plastic kits.
I, and Team-Hobby will closely work with JetModel to provide you surprising modelling experience :)
Please visit for purchasing:)

July 23, 2010

See you at Facebook!

In order to provide up-to-day information on modeling products and connect to the other model enthusiats; i would like to introduce you this Facebook Pages. Please follow the link attached and join the Team-Hobby. I will regularly update the Pages. See you there:)

February 4, 2010

Pink Bull

Background: bought this kit from a Taiwanese friend. I followed his blog for a long time. Some days later, he established his eShop. And this kit is his first production.

This kit contains a resin molded body. This kit needs a donar kit from Tamiya's Toyota Supra (#24123) Body clean up mainly did around the bottom of the body. Just simply remove the excess resin parts. After thoroughly washed the body with soap water, I primed all the resin parts with Mr.Hobby's MrResin Primer Surfacer. (Don't know if there are difference from ordinary primer, but no harm to try...)
There are a set of resin wheels and tyres comes with this kit. However, i think they are too small for this Bull, so i decided to use this Aoshima 20"BBS Wheels (046418) and sprayed them a light layer of Tamiya's Enamel Titanium Gold (X-31)

Inside each BBS's, i put one Hobby Design PE brake set. Each PE brake set comes with a resin brake caliper, too.

After the primer dried, i applied the first coat of Pink from Mworks (MPS-6009). This Mworks paint is oil-based, it needs to thin with MrColor Thinner. After the base coat of Pink dried, i applied two wet coat of Mworks (MPS-6010) Pink Pearl.
Meanwhile the nail polish pink pearl drying, i finished the interior parts. Simply just applied black to the whole parts, and beige on the rear seats.
Finally a mock up look...really want to finish this before Chinese New Year, then i can clean up my work desk...but too much dinner and party to go, so it just kept in the case for a while.:)

September 13, 2009

RX-78-2 Gundam

I know Gundam when I was a kid, it's cool. I bought a few Gundam kits, but most of them are still sitting in the boxes. This one, a Master Grade or MG series of the ordinary RX-78 Gundam. After made a lot of car models, Gundam modeling do a challenge to me. This is now Youtube comes in handy. There are so many tutorials about Gundam modelling.

This is how they do and I tried on mine too. Firstly, after grey and white primer, I applied a coat of sand yellow and white mixture (in 1:1 ratio) on those suppose to be white parts. This is one way to imitate the dirt or the old marks around the machines. By doing this an airbrush is a must. Once the sand yellow/white dry, I airbrushed white onto it, but not covering the whole parts, just covering the middle and leave the edge a shade of sand yellow. For the red parts, I applied red all over, then lighten the paint up with a bit white. With the same technique, spray only on the middle, leave the edge a darker shade. And applied the same technique on the blue parts.

August 5, 2009

New Kit Arrived

Havn't make any car models for a while, too lazy.
I went to visit a hobby shop yesterday and found that they have this kit arrived. This shop order directly from Japan, so they usually have early arrivals and some rare kits. However, some of the model kits are a bit expensive than other hobby shops.
This one is made by Aoshima, it comes in two trims, the standard EVO X and the EVO X option.
The only difference are the wheel sets.

First of all, the box art already seen for a long time at some website, no big surprise.
Parts are well packed. The body is standard Aoshima style; ie, front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and the fron hood are in separate parts. This makes me assume Aoshima will make aftermarket parts trims, like HKS one. Interior parts are simply molded.

Besides the instruction, there are a piece of masking tamplate for the glass parts and a small sheet of decals for the license plate and Mitsubishi logos.
Head lights, rear light, muffler tips and side mirror are chrome plated.
Muffler is in matt chrome.
Clear parts include the big windshield and rear windows, head lights and rear lights, side markers and the fog lights.
Chassis is another standard Aoshima product, one big piece with a few small parts to complete the whole.

Another parts for the interior, Aoshima only offer the right hand steering console.
Aoshima also offer two bigger disc brakes for the front wheels.
Other body parts are molded in red.

Tires and poly caps. Wheels are not bad, but if I build this kit, i will use Aoshima 19" wheels instead.

April 22, 2009


Top Secret Fairlady Z
Actually it’s not a secret confidential issue; however, Top Secret Performance Engineering Service is a famous Japanese automobile modification company. This model kit is made by Aoshima, and it is the third Top Secret model they made (the first one is a R34 and the second one is a S15 Silvia). Aoshima usually produce kits with a big variety option parts. In this kit, you will find a nicely replicated Top Secret front and rear bumpers, side skirts and of course a big sheet of Top Secret decals.
Making this kit is so straight forward. There are two modifications that I made were the use of Crazy Modelers’ PE disc brake kit and a set of Aoshima 20” Leonhardiritt Bugel. The box art suggest a white body with white wheels; however, I like this Z in Sunset Orange. RICE BOX is the brand of the paint that I use. It comes in a set of two little bottles, a base coat of orange and a top coat of metallic orange.